Why Your Company Should Love Social Media

Everyone has a passion for something (and some of us have more than others). Our passions include: supporting small business and community service organizations, strong PR responses, eye-catching ads, and analyzing data.

But at the top of our list is social media marketing. We want to shout our love for this medium from the rooftops! If you haven’t embraced social media marketing yet, here are 6 reasons you might want to reconsider.

1. You’ll be the talk of the town.

Some business owners are anxious about seeing negative reviews of their company if they join social media. But the truth is, those reviews are out there whether you see them or not. By joining social media, you can take advantage of those reviews in a way you can’t if you’re holed up in your offline fort under siege.

They present invaluable opportunities to correct misinformation, offer great customer service, improve service offerings, and get intel on what your competitors and detractors are saying about you. Besides, someone who complains about your company on social media is one of the most likely candidates to speak highly of your brand in the future if you handle the ‘negative’ situation well.

2. Get engaged.

In addition to being the center of attention, you’ll get an ego boost from reading positive reviews and ‘making friends’ with people who love your company or product. Building personal relationships with clients is the best way to turn them into loyal lifetime customers. You might be pleasantly surprised at how many advocates come to your defense when you really need support. You might also find value in the genuine expression of why your company is great.

3. Find the best match.

Maybe you are thinking, “There is no way my Facebook posts will be seen by nearly as many people as that billboard on I-95. Look at all the cars that drive past at rush hour!” But imagine this: a ‘social media billboard’ that changes to suit the needs and interests of every person who sees it. When you, an avid golfer, drive past that billboard, you see an ad for a beautiful new golf course just 2 miles away from your home; your physical therapist sees an ad for training courses to learn new cutting-edge techniques; your accountant sees ads for new, more efficient software that can cut business costs.

That’s what social media can do: instead of paying out the nose for millions of irrelevant cars to drive past your billboard every day, you only pay for your content to be seen by people who are likely to be interested in your product or service.

4. It’s flexible.

Not only can you limit your advertising to the individuals to whom it’s relevant, but social media also allows us to test different messages and imagery – and even new products or services! – in an efficient way.

Compare that to placing a full-page ad in a popular magazine. What if, after a week, you are not seeing any results (if you are able to measure it at all)? If that ad was on social media, you could ‘rip out’ that ad from 3 million copies, create a new ad, and replace it in every copy already in circulation – within an hour or two. Social media is a uniquely nimble medium.

5. It measures up.

As digital marketers, we have an incredible range of measurement tools at our fingertips. With proper resources, we can determine how many people we are reaching and what their interests are; the interest profile of your most engaged fans and followers; and the depth of engagement – how many people interact with your page. We can track how many people click to your website, how many of those visit your purchase page, how many of those actually check out and make a transaction, and how many of those leave a positive review.

We start to get a sense of the effectiveness of your ads within a few hours of launching them, and we can test whether it’s the ad itself or the product that is resonating with the audience. And then we can connect all that engagement with actual sales figures.

6. Social media gives back.

You know what your company spends on marketing. (If you don’t, you need a marketing budget ASAP.) But do you know what you’re getting back from it?

Our team of social scientists and PR professionals gets its kicks from measuring the broader impact of our efforts. Social media is great because we can find out for certain that our tactics are making our clients’ names well-known among their target markets and, more importantly, that they are actually making money as a result.

What are you waiting for?

Starting something new is always a little scary. But there are people who can help you with it – just make sure you choose a social media expert.

Take the plunge! Ask social media to be your valentine this year – we’re betting it will turn into a long-term romance!

Contact GillespieHall for a customized social media strategy that would be a good match for your company. Oh, and by the way, we even write online dating profiles…

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