Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Visual Storytelling

The 3 Pillars of Visual Storytelling

We use stories to connect with people. Telling a story that moves people to action includes many different elements, two of the most important being a good, authentic narrative and meaningful visuals. We always see a power surge when the story emotionally mirrors a target audience’s personal beliefs or problems.

All business collaterals should deliver a microcosm of your brand’s story; every customer encounter (i.e., touch point) must reaffirm your brand. The brochures in your lobby. The billboard on I-95. The video of your CEO on Facebook. Your LinkedIn banner. No brand story is complete without a powerful visual – sharing your story seamlessly while humanizing your brand.

The Three Pillars of Storytelling Are:

  1. Story Making: Write the script! Who are we and how did we get here? Why should people care about us? How do we want people to react to us? What makes us different? How can we leverage our story in our marketing and sales strategies?
  2. Story Visualizing: What does our brand look like? Do we have the right color palette and visual elements? How do we support our story visually? What channels will best enhance our story? Where are our audiences getting their news?
  3. Storytelling: Sharing the visuals in an intentional way through owned, earned, paid and digital media. Examples of these storytelling opportunities are endless… social media, print and online ads, billboards, brochures, palm cards, vehicle wraps, email marketing, direct mail and digital messaging.

GillespieHall’s unique and intentional storytelling prowess has strengthened hundreds of brands and forged lifelong relationships between clients and their customers. Your stories in our hands bring the essence of your business to life!

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