When It Comes To Great PR, Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

You can be lucky in love, or lucky enough to win a bet, but when it comes to good PR, never leave it up to luck.  With St. Patrick’s Day and the ‘luck of the Irish’ approaching, it got us thinking:  To have truly exceptional public relations, luck has nothing to do with it. But superior skills in branding, media outreach, crisis management, and social media, do.

Luck has nothing to do with a news release landing in the hands of an influential blogger or to the right reporter. Thorough knowledge of all communication platforms, excellent writing, smart strategizing and appropriate pitching skills help get a journalist’s attention.

Is it luck when a company’s social media profile garners an engaged community of thousands or millions? Nope. That’s the sign of a social media team that approaches each account scientifically with the intent to change behaviors.

Is it just good fortune that a company re-brands itself and their customer base grows? Probably not. Chances are, the company hired a competent PR firm like GH to renew and strengthen the organization’s purpose and image.

Not sure if your business needs to hire a PR firm? Here’s a quick checklist for you to consider:

  • Have you reached your intended audience and as many of them as possible?
  • Are you seeing the return on your investment that you had planned?
  • Do you have a social media strategy?
  • Is your social media strategy working for you?
  • Does the local, regional or national media know about your organization and, if so, what is their perception of it?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know,’ then it may be time to consider making a public relations firm part of your team. Hiring a PR firm for a short-term goal, or as a permanent fixture in your organization, should help your business generate more revenue, a broader audience or a greater media presence. With the right social media experts and writers, you can reach your business goals.

If you want exceptional PR for your business, contact GillespieHall. We’re more than just your good luck charm. We are the four-leaf clover in a field of a thousand shamrocks.

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