What’s In A Logo?

Individuality is as important as the air that we breathe. From the beginning of time we have found ways to distinguish ourselves from everyone else… so how do we express ownership? Pride? Loyalty? By using symbolism, a ‘trust mark’ – a logo.

The logo is the visual soul of a brand. It is a way for you to convey your company’s message without using words. Logos are like family crests, and have to be created to last generations. Simple is often best. Design firms and companies need to work collaboratively to truly discover and reveal the essence of the organization requiring the new brand.

The more unique the better. While your logo must be a true representation of your brand, it is imperative that it is uniquely yours. A logo is the shortest, fastest, most pervasive form of communication available – it should stand out.

Longevity is essential. When designing a logo, stay away from trends. You want your logo to have as much longevity as the business it represents. A professional team learns about your business, inside and out, and creates a logo that has the ability to evolve and grow with your company. Longevity means you will not have to worry about redesigning your logo every few years as trends change.

The logo must be able to be used across all mediums. Marketing professionals know how important it is that a brand has consistency. Therefore, the team creating your logo makes sure it works on all of your company’s creatives, including stationary, email signatures, and social media pages. Having a professionally developed logo eliminates the problem of having to make adjustments depending on where it will be used.

Is it relatable? The wording, the imagery, especially the color palette are important when designing a logo. The brain remembers shapes first, color second and words third. Your design team is well aware of this and will create something that resonates with your target audience, grabs their attention, and makes them want to learn more.

A strong brand identity (and logo) is an essential part of a strategy for accelerating growth and success. With the evolution of the internet and graphic design programs it seems very simple to design a logo – ‘anyone’ can do it. But using a professional design team has several benefits. They know how to make your business stand out without being too trendy, they ensure that your logo stands the test of time, and they make sure the logo touches your target audience.

Source: Bridget Paverd, Tom Peters “Brand You” and Alina Wheeler “Designing Brand Identity”

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