What The Weather Teaches Us About Being Relevant

Over the past several years, public attention to the weather – and weather changes – has skyrocketed. Meteorologists have turned into stars, and weather patterns now make headlines worldwide. The term “climate change” pops up all over the place, from casual conversations to press conferences to rallies to scientific journals and presentations.


It’s simple: climate change has finally become impossible to ignore. The weather began to noticeably—and disruptively—impact people’s lives and basic functioning. It came into our towns and even our homes. It affected roads and neighborhoods and livelihoods and the dependability of the seasons.

The job of PR and marketing specialists is to make you impossible to ignore, like the weather. It is to extract and emphasize your relevance to your target markets. Our goal is to get people talking about you and the products and services you offer, to build a lasting community around your brand. People wait anxiously for the next big thing, and we – your PR and marketing specialists – want them to look to you to deliver it, the way they hungrily download weather apps and tune in to news reports in the face of an upcoming storm.

That’s why one of our taglines is Keeping You Relevant.

And we practice what we preach. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve in our own field, and we forecast changes – so you can trust that when the next big thing hits, we are ready.

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