Becoming a resource. Sharing your story. Making an impact. That is the power of Clubhouse.

At GillespieHall we are continually evaluating “new shiny objects” that promise to change the way we communicate. We still have our first in-house evaluations on MySpace and Facebook for business – written back in 2006.

Clubhouse hit the digital landscape last summer. It is an interesting twist on some tried and true networking channels.  

Clubhouse is hoping to change the way we think about virtual networking. A live “talk” platform (no video, just audio), think of it as a ‘virtual house,’ with unlimited ‘rooms’ where anyone can ‘take the stage’ and start presenting on a topic of their choice.

Clubhouse is a kind of intersection between XM-talk-radio (because conversations and presentations are not saved and cannot be accessed after the fact!) and your favorite podcast series (because topics, speakers and themes tend to be consistent in these ‘rooms.’)

And while LinkedIn encourages business friendly networking and commentary, Clubhouse encourages you to be yourself. Undo the tie, let your hair down and be honest. You’re not on the stage at room 322 at the Boston Marriott – you’re in the Clubhouse, speaking frankly with your peers. In my first hours on Clubhouse, I heard a Netflix engineer share his life story from the slums to his new life in America. A young Croatian woman ‘raised her hand’ at the end to ask for insight on how shecan apply some of his ideals in to her worklife. “Let’s connect after my session,” was the end of his response – this is networking. Becoming a resource. Sharing your story. Making an impact. That is the power of Clubhouse. And most importantly – you have to be there in the moment to experience it.

When so much of our digital lives are ‘set it and forget it’ or ‘I’ll watch it later,’ Clubhouse insist you be in the now.

Want to check out Clubhouse? Download the app exclusively on the iPhone app store and request an invite. That’s right.. it’s invite only, too!

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