What Freedom Means for our Creative Team

Freedom means more than just the ability to work.

Freedom: the power to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

To us, freedom is within everything that we do – we wouldn’t be successful without it.

GillespieHall is a team of individuals bringing together different perspectives, opinions and attitudes to achieve one goal: building relationships and changing behaviors.

Together, we embody the American ideal of being a ‘melting pot.’ Whether someone is from South Africa, The United Kingdom or little ole Smyrna, Delaware, every employee at GillespieHall has a voice that’s heard and respected.

We put a strong value on the freedom that employees have. We know that a when a voice is silenced, everyone misses out. That when we move together, we move further, and a flexible mind offers limitless possibilities.

Actions that move further.

Each employee, be it an intern, entry level, or VP, has the same right and expectation to contribute throughout the agency. A team that is free to produce and create will excel. We work as one unit with many minds, moving towards a goal. No one works in isolation; they’re always supported and integrated.

Voices that are heard, not silenced.

A great idea can come from anyone and the great ideas have everyone’s fingerprints on them. We harness each voice here at GillespieHall and that is our competitive advantage. That is what makes the difference – building the relationships internally and externally to change behaviors.

Think as you want, be as you want.

Individuality and creativity go hand-in-hand. Employees who are free to express themselves and are creative, authentic and effective.

At GillespieHall, we truly believe in the saying, “Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better,*” and we do that every day – together.

*Albert Camus

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