What does 2012 have in store for social media in public relations?

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Yes, we know that the only thing more dangerous than making predictions is making predictions and then publishing them for everyone to read. But here we go anyway. GillespieHall expects social media to continue to grow in 2012 and, in particular, looks for growth from two fairly new players in the social media arena — Google+ and Instagram.

Facebook or Google+ in 2012? Or Both? For a lot of organizations in 2011, a Facebook page and a Twitter account were the beginning and end of their social media presence. That will not be enough in 2012. Google+, the social network from Google, could challenge Facebook for the #1 position. You owe it to your organization to at least investigate the opportunities to be found with Google+.

Instagram can capture your target audience’s attention immediately! Instragram, a free photo-sharing mobile app from Apple, is poised to explode in 2012. Already at 15 million users, 2012 will mark the debut of the Instagram app for smartphones on the Android system. Brands as diverse as Red Bull and Burberry are using it now. It’s an ideal way to introduce your organization to a brand new audience.

Don’t just sit there — participate! Forbes reports that 2012 could end up being known as the year of content and if you want your organization to grow, content marketing and social media marketing must be part of your 2012 public relations and marketing strategy. To do that, focus on your brand, create branded online destinations, find your audience, participate in the conversation and publish content worth sharing.

If you’re still not sure how to implement a social media strategy, contact us. When it comes to social media, we know more than anyone else. Our understanding of the unspoken rules that govern human interaction in social media distinguishes GillespieHall as a leader in social communication.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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