So You Want To Film A Video…

Video… the medium of the future! But the future is now, and video production is easy, right? Just take out your phone, aim it at your subject, aaaand you’re done!

Not so fast.

With over a third of the world’s population consuming video through YouTube, clearly there is always a call for more quality video. But just like there’s no ‘right way’ to create content for your business’ social platform, there’s no ‘right way’ to make a video production that will ‘go viral’ or automatically gain you the viewership you seek.

Here are some video production tips you can follow at all stages to ensure a higher quality piece of film:

Before you even start filming, you need a plan. When you create content for your business, you don’t just open up Photoshop and start throwing images together. You wouldn’t do anything for your business without a plan, and that doesn’t change for video.

Make sure you have your gear. Failing to check if your battery is fully charged can lead to absolute disaster, and running out of battery or storage space mid-shoot can be embarrassing. Always check your battery charge  and device storage space and bring an extra battery or charging wire before you head out to do any filming.

It’s better to HAVE and NOT NEED than to NEED and NOT HAVE. Have any additional accessories you’re not sure about bringing? Do it. This means items like a lens cleaning cloth for removing annoying lens smudges that cannot be corrected in editing; a tripod or stabilizer to keep things smooth; a microphone, if you plan to include any audio; and duct tape to cover wires, fix things, or do literally anything.

You made it! Now that you’re on the scene of the shoot, take a short test video to look for anything that may detract from your scene – such as bright spots of light, pedestrians, moving cars or anything that will call the attention away from your subject.

Now that you’re filming, go ahead and shoot an extra take.  A perfect shot can become unusable in the editing room due to a mispronounced word or weird lighting in the background. These, among hundreds of other things, would have you wishing you had a second take of that perfect shot.

Think you’re ready to hit record and kick-start your next video production? Just remember to always back up those video files before handing them off to your editor!

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