The Value of Online Communities

Build it and they will come. Or in the case of social media communities, build them right the first time and the brand loyalty will come. Constructing your business website, Facebook or LinkedIn page to attract and engage your key audience is smart. Transforming visitors into returning consumers and loyal advocates of your brand is even smarter and very strategic.

Our results-first reputation hinges on our ability to build relationships between clients and their communities.

Some examples:

  • As part of a complete rebrand of a neurosurgery organization, we used strategic storytelling and social media marketing to jumpstart the medical group’s Facebook page from a handful of likes, to a community of 2,000 dedicated Facebook followers. That means 2000 people who have publicly expressed support for the practice and are committed to receiving updates. That means 2000 advocates that expose the business to their own networks – an average of 270 friends each – as well. In hard numbers, that means the potential of over a half million personal referrals to the business.
  • Building an online community is one thing; keeping the digital neighborhood in love with you is another. It’s a relationship and needs attention. Show some love by posting messages often: ‘Hey, did you know about our new service?’ Or, ‘Would this news be interesting to you?’ Or, ‘You are special to us.’ We did just that for a personal services client, and grew their online community from 6 (yes, literally 6) followers to nearly 8000 in 4 years. What that meant for the business? The past two years of revenue have vaulted to their highest growth levels in company history.

Start With A Solid Foundation

We are huge believers in the power of the online community because we are the digital diggers, brick layers, construction company, and welcome party. We build communities that put money in your pocket.

GillespieHall is regularly recognized as a top PR strategist and digital architect behind fast-growing online communities. We were recently honored with several 2016 Service Industry Advertising Awards for Website Design & Development, and Digital Marketing Campaign (as well as Program Branding, and Print Advertisement).

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