How To Use Instagram Stories For Business

To encourage people to post and share more content on its platform, Instagram successfully launched Instagram Stories in August of last year. Today, we introduce you our Guide to Instagram Stories for Business to help you boost your performance and increase your ROI.

  • Why use Instagram Stories for business?

Instagram Stories lets users post photos and short videos that vanish after 24 hours. In the beginning, everyone saw Stories as a rip-off of Snapchat, but today 200 million people use Instagram Stories every day – more than Snapchat’s daily active users.

The best thing about Instagram Stories is that it’s fun and useful for both individuals and businesses. Businesses use it to drive engagement, website traffic, and even e-commerce sales.

Instagram Feed

  • How to use Instagram Stories for business?

In Instagram Stories, all photos and videos appear in a slideshow format. You can tag people and add hashtags, locations, and links. These features can help increase your business’ reach, views, and website visits.

If you want to make Stories even more engaging, use built-in Instagram tools like face filters, flash, and the mode for low-light scenes when you don’t have sufficient light for taking a photo and video. Additionally, you can draw and add stickers to your Instagram Stories!

Instagram Explorer

  • How to create a strategy for Instagram Stories

Having a strategy is an absolute advantage that will allow you to be able to get your story featured on the Explore page. Explore page on Instagram is an avenue that helps business and individuals be found by users that might not be following your Instagram page yet.

Being featured on the Explore page may bring a load of new followers and engagement for your business Instagram account. Your strategy should also include how you will optimize your Stories to increase your chance to appear on the Explore page.

Use Instagram Insights (opt-in first) to see how well your campaign performed. You can see impressions, reach and other metrics related to your Stories.

Instagram Profile

  • What to post on Instagram Stories?

If you’re using Instagram Stories for your business, it’s good to post a mix of fun and promotional content. Get as creative as you want, and don’t be afraid to post a goofy video as long as it doesn’t contradict with your brand.

  • Instagram Stories GHWhen and how often to post on Instagram Stories?

Post when your followers are most active if you want to get immediate engagement. Use your Instagram Insights to find out when your followers are online. Instagram Stories are visible for 24 hours, so don’t stress out too much about when to post.

Posting a  few times a week is good, and no more than 15 photos or videos per day or you risk being ‘muted.’  Though Instagram will not penalize you for posting too much on Instagram Stories, it allows users to mute other user’s Story when it is not something they want to see, or the content is irrelevant to them, or they feel spammed.

Instagram Stories & Your Business: Perfect Together!

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