From Ugly to Genius: The Marketing of Christmas Sweaters

How can something so wrong be so right? That’s what we’re all thinking when it comes to the three most fun holiday words: Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

Why are they making a comeback? And more importantly, what was the marketing strategy behind this crazy trend becoming a successful holiday tradition?

Every business could take a stitch or two of learning from the Ugly Sweater lesson:

The most sell-able product doesn’t have to be the prettiest.

Obviously, these sweaters are anything but pretty. But they are definitely conversation-starters. And isn’t that what all businesses want — for people to talk about their product? The Ugly Christmas Sweater people nailed it.

It’s self-deprecating. 

Humility can go a long way these days. Too much pride can backfire on a business. Really. If you take the more humble approach sometimes, it can surprise you. And it may just pleasantly surprise your customers.

People love an underdog. 

When the two most losing-est (it’s a word for this blog!) teams in baseball history made it to the World Series last fall, baseball fans were pretty pumped. Even non-sports fans were happy that two teams provided a much-needed distraction from other current events. The message is clear: People like to root for an underdog.

With the right marketing strategy, you never know what the next big item will be.

It’s fun. Just plain old FUN.  

When it comes to marketing, yes, ROI is essential. But having fun with your product (when it’s appropriate) is always appealing. If people are going to spend money, they might as well have fun with their purchase.

So, here’s to the Ugly Christmas Sweater! May yours be the ugliest, and your holiday the merriest!

And if you’re looking for marketing help to launch your unusual product, contact GillespieHall. We will not wear our sweaters to the client meeting. Promise.

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