These Trends Will Rule Your 2017 Marketing Plan

Hello and welcome to the 76th Annual Hunger Ga-… Oh wait, wrong blog! It’s January 2017, which means all over the world, people are making New Year resolutions and planning how to make this year better than the last.

Every year, marketing forecasters tell us what we should expect in the New Year; what trends and developments marketers need to implement into their strategy to stay ahead of the competition and to stay relevant to consumers. Every year, the basic trends replay over and over – loyalty, analytics and being visible on multiple platforms/channels. And a couple of new ones are always thrown in there too – based on the incoming trends from the previous year…

IBM Marketing Cloud’s December 8th webinar, “10 Key Marketing Trends in 2017”, provided a comprehensive list of 10 such trends.

Based on this list, the GillespieHall team was asked the provocative question:

These Trends Will Rule Your 2017 Marketing Plan

Tita Cherrier, PR and Content Director, predicts that Loyalty will rule:

“After such a rancorous and divisive past couple years, I believe customers will cling even closer to reliable, dependable relationships. Building upon existing relationships and promoting Client Relation/Customization capabilities will go far in 2017.”

Austin Griffith, Digital Content Creator, also leans heavily towards Loyalty:

“A loyal, happy customer who engages frequently in your brand is the end goal of any campaign. Word of mouth from a trusted customer  is the best way to ensure a flourishing brand both online and off.”

Jasha Price, Lead Digital Content Creator, thinks that Interactive Email will make a big splash in 2017:

“Targeted email marketing will continue to play a large role in most company’s marketing strategies in 2017. They allow the company to not only showcase the individual ‘personality’ and voice of the brand but also send consumers exclusive offers and first-hand communications straight to their smartphone.”

Karen James, Media & Public Relations Strategist, is intrigued by Center-Brain Marketing:

“We all hear about ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ approaches to problems, but not ‘center brain,’ which they note is creativity and technology together. That’s what GH does best. And once we pitch and sell a potential client on those facets, then I believe Loyalty seals the deal.”

Clara Mattucci, Head of Operations, was drawn to Mobile Strategy Shifts to Engagement Strategy and Holistic Approach to Improving Customer Experiences:

“Improving customer experiences drives marketing success – whether it’s with ‘successful’ (creative, conversational, relevant) online content or real-life, tangible interaction with consumers. Will companies get it right in 2017? I doubt it, but hope to see the marketing world make strides toward focusing on great customer interaction first.

Shifting mobile strategy to engagement strategy is a more realistic step in that direction. The first step toward great customer experiences is making that connection on the device we all have in our hands (or at least our pockets), all the time! And improving mobile experiences is a more tangible concept for marketers to wrap our minds around, so more likely to happen in the next year.”

Marina Stewart, Senior Digital Strategist, would say that Analyze Your Own Big Data jumps out at her the most:

“Analyzing Your Own Big Data is the biggest trend in 2017. Being lean and efficient in metrics helps with having resources to create value for our clients and their customers.”

Bridget Paverd, GillespieHall partner, loves Loyalty and Center-Brain Marketing:

“Without original creative ideas and strategies, we have little to offer. Loyalty is always big – it is the currency of commitment, a promise.”

Every single one of these trends are components of what makes a successful marketing strategy, but which one do you think is the most important trend for 2017? Are there items you think IBM should have also included on the list? What will make your company’s marketing stand out this year? Why are we asking so many questions?

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