Top 5 Things You Learn As a Digital Marketing Intern

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GillespieHall has a long-standing tradition of hosting interns every summer. We are also vigilant about exposing our interns to the ethics and processes that, as practiced by GH, strengthen the PR and Digital Marketing industry. We love our millennials, but recognize the gap between maturity and curiosity. Our most recent intern trainee discovered the variety of skills it takes to be able to maintain a successful social media campaign.

Here’s her blog on the topic!

Top 5 Things You Learn As a Digital Marketing Intern

Being an intern at a firm like GillespieHall could have been intimidating. I was surrounded by people at the top of their game, working seamlessly in a demanding creative environment with strong behaviorist and technology undertones. Wow. Did I have anything to contribute? Will they even see me? I was there to learn, and hopefully end up being of some value to the team. It was an intense 3 months – I was exposed to every aspect of digital PR. I loved it – gave my all, and got so much in return.  Here is a list of the key gems I learned at GillespieHall – Delaware’s leading digital marketing firm.

  1. Image Sourcing

Learning to Identify and source images for online applications was one of the first things I tried. We had photographers and designers on staff, so there was no shortage of material… but identifying the perfect visual for the specific copy took 6-8 phases of refinement. Then we collaborate. The perfect image eventually presents itself – and that is always a eureka moment.

  1. Designing Content

This is more about artistic intuition than a strict learning experience. Using innovative design programs, the team taught me to develop designs that met the objectives of the project and the vision of the client and project lead. Expect more edits, even completely new design directions. I learned very quickly that the words “Let’s start again” were not bad.

  1. Creating Social Media Content

The point of social media is real time engagement with your target audience – and that takes upkeep and interaction 24/7. I had no idea running a social media campaign involved so many disciplines. I learned that content has to follow a strategy. One is aimless without the other.

  1. Social Media Metrics

I get it now. We have to measure everything we do to provide the client with an analysis that shows the link between our brilliant campaigning and their brilliant results.

  1. Team and Client Interactions

This is where I lucked out – my GH teammates were generous with advice, guidance, and skill sharing. I am told that this is not the norm in agencies. They were very upfront about telling me my opinion mattered – pointing out a new perspective is always appreciated. Interacting with clients was more a case of watching and learning rather than participating. Some of the client meetings were like a chess game, others like a creative free-for-all, but there was always a GH strategy and structure in place.

I left the firm feeling I truly belonged there. My boss and teammates told me I would be welcome back anytime now that I was “productive” – high praise indeed.

Claire T.
GillespieHall Intern
April – July 2015

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  • gh1pr
    Posted at 16:50h, 28 August

    We really appreciate our interns at GH. We create an environment where we all learn from each other.

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