The holiday spirit: it’s love, joy, peace, harmony, and goodwill toward all. And sometimes, it can all be a bit overwhelming. That said, we would like to share our favorite holiday ads of 2015, all of which either perfectly express the holiday spirit, or make us laugh when we’ve had enough of all that cheer!

‘Taste Christmas with Coke’

Coca-Cola TV Spot Featuring Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by U2

With Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) playing in the background, Coca-Cola revisits well-known sayings passed down from generation to generation: “Don’t open the door to anyone” shows a lover wearing a reindeer mask waiting to surprise his girlfriend outside her door, “Don’t accept anything from strangers” shows a father and daughter duo giving a bottle of coke to a street mural artist, and “Nothing in life is for free” shows a young man buying a Coke from a soda machine after a young woman drops and loses her soda money. The spot ends with “Don’t mind everything you hear”. Coca-Cola wants you to taste Christmas instead… with a bottle of Coke, of course! #followyourheart

‘Someday at Christmas’

Apple TV Spot Featuring Stevie Wonder and Andra Day

This ad’s beauty lies in its classic and (sadly) pertinent message – a call for world peace. Singer Andra Day joins Stevie Wonder in a duet rendition of his 1967 holiday song “Someday at Christmas.” The ad makes us hope for a better world. Grab your tissues.

‘Say Sorry’

Temptations Cat Treats TV Spot

Once again, you’re going to need your tissues. But this time, it’s because you’re going to laugh until you cry. The ad features a series of cats, all dressed in ridiculous holiday garb and all looking extremely peeved – tails twitching, the works. In the background, Elton John belts out his famous song ‘Say Sorry.’ The spot ends with a simple frame that says: “Help them forgive and forget,” followed by a picture of Temptations cat treats. It’s comic relief at its best.

‘Home for the Holidays’

The UPS Store Pack & Ship TV Spot

This spot shows the many comically disastrous situations your holiday gifts may encounter while on route to their recipients. Comic stress relief at its finest, the ad sends a message loud and clear: If you’re wise, you’ll send your packages through the UPS Store, which offers a “Pack & Ship Guarantee.”

‘Star Wars: Battle for Christmas Morning’


This ad perfectly illustrates the splendor of childhood imagination. A young boy wakes up on Christmas morning, pops a Duracell battery into his light saber and heads outside (looking like Luke Skywalker, of course) to help his sister (dressed as Princess Leia) on a ‘battlefield’ complete with storm troopers and starships. Meanwhile, parents sip hot cocoa and watch through the kitchen window as their children attack snowmen and holiday decorations with their toy light sabers. It’s a perfect Christmas morning.

And a Holiday Bonus! (because it’s hard to narrow it down to just five)

‘Snoopin’ Around’

Old Navy TV Spot, featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Snoop Dogg

Too funny to ignore, this ad features Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a burglar who has broken into Snoop Dogg’s house, tied him up and demanded a million dollars. She is then distressed to find her accomplice (who is supposed to be waiting in the get-away car) standing in the kitchen helping himself to a meringue cookie. He informs her that if she wants a million dollars, all she needs to do is go to Old Navy, which is giving that sum to a lucky customer waiting in line on Thanksgiving Day. The spot plays like a sit-com and is sure to make you laugh!

Please enjoy this holiday season – the merriment, the (hope for) peace on earth, and the goodwill toward neighbors and friends. And when it all gets to be just a little too much, sit back, relax and take a look at these ads.

Cheers to all!

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