The (Super)Power of Rebranding

Turning over a new leaf. Gaining a new lease on life. Out with the old and in with the new. We’ve all heard these phrases before. A fresh start doesn’t just apply to your personal life. Sometimes new life needs to be breathed into a company as well. Sometimes, a rebrand can be exactly what a company needs.

What is Rebranding?

To rebrand is more than just pushing out a stunning new logo or updating your color palette with lovely colors. Before you start to toss everything about your company’s branding out the window, focus on what you need to change and why, while keeping your clients in mind.

Bring in public relations experts (ahem, GillespieHall, ahem) to look at your mission statement, your brand values, and the objectives your company is currently not reaching (sales, donations, public opinions). This will shape the why and identify the obstacles you hope to overcome. Then the fresh look and feel will evolve from there.

Hi, My Name is Meta

Facebook has cast a long shadow over the social media and digital advertising world for years. And recently the platform has been under a social microscope with eyebrow-raising accusations: pay-to-play advertising combined with lack of transparency about their algorithms created a disadvantage for smaller businesses, and the collection of personal data from users increased public distrust. Meanwhile, the Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, shed light on the company’s biggest problems like how hate speech and intentional misinformation are magnified on the platform, how hate groups are able to routinely use its services to cause real-world violence, and how its lack of non-English language capabilities has imperiled users in politically unstable areas of the world.

In October 2021, it was announced that Meta is the new parent company name for Facebook (and its sister apps Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger). Along with a tease of new services that they plan to roll out soon, Meta has kickstarted their new brand and tone with a bang[SP1] . This very public rebranding may be a future case study on how a change in branding doesn’t necessarily make past mishaps just disappear. It takes real change. It takes transparency.

Change is Inevitable

Things are shifting. We all feel it. And the business world is no different. Sometimes when a company feels that they have reached the end of the road with the public, they turn to the experts to rebrand, believing that a new look, voice, and feel will allow a fresh start – leaving their old reputation in the dust.

Whether it’s a shift influenced by your target audiences or an internal push, when it’s time for a rebrand, you’ll need experts who know the ins-and-outs, the risks, and the process of making it come to fruition. Here at GillespieHall, we have a wide array of superpowers. Rebranding just happens to be one of them.

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