The State Of Social Media Halfway Through

Things change fast in the world of social media marketing. Back in December, we predicted 2014’s digital trends. Now, not even halfway through the year, most of our predictions came to pass. Here are a few ways the trends we predicted have appeared in the current social media marketing landscape:

  1. Everything is personal. You type (or speak) into the search field, and your results are based on your location, sites you have visited in the past, and recent searches. Online ads are selling you products and services not only in your state, but in your neighborhood and even on the corner of your street. You receive suggestions for apps, pages, or services that relate to what is going on in your life.
  2. Marketers can reach specific audiences. We can now reach people who live or work in designated zip codes; people who have recently had a major change in their family life; fans of an obscure TV show that was cancelled in the 80s! Chances are, no matter how unique your target market is, it can be reached directly without wasting your advertising dollars on people who will not be interested in your products or services.
  3. Mobile is at the core of everything. More people are using smartphones to access the web, and are spending more time using mobile apps. Your phone remembers details about you, like where you spend the most time, what your favorite websites are, which games you play most often. It makes your user experience smooth and personalized. It also tells advertisers how to cater services to your individual needs. This growing trend has pushed focus solidly toward mobile-responsive web design.
  4. Marketing speaks in business terms. Marketers can’t sell the success of a social media campaign with likes or retweets anymore. Executives want to know how it benefits the business to have a Twitter account. What is it bringing to the company? The answer needs to be in dollars. If the social media manager does not know what the ROI is, it is time to replace him/her. Marketing is much more than advertising your services. Remember, your business success depends on marketing success.

What is in store for the rest of 2014?

Online advertising costs will continue to rise, although social media and search ads will continue to be the most cost-effective way to reach your market. The race to monetize will intensify, with social media platforms pursuing more creative, native and effective advertising tactics. As a result, it will get harder for businesses to reach their target market without putting money behind it.

It is undeniable that technology and the web are changing the world, and quickly. Our lives are increasingly interconnected, for better or for worse, and that trend won’t end anytime soon.

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