The Power of Regifting

Everyone gifts differently: Painstakingly selecting unique and thoughtful gifts for our friends and family, gag gifts for the workplace Secret Santa exchange, a donation to your favorite charity or gift cards across the board!

Gifting Evolution

Maybe the forced isolation of the pandemic coupled with climate change concerns skewed things a bit, but personalized gifts and a nod to eco-friendly presents are very much in vogue for this year’s holiday season. Experiential gifts like cooking classes, concert tickets or online masterclass programs? Check. Save the trees and give unwrapped presents? Check. Regifting as an acceptable form of gift exchange? Check… wait, what? Yup, but with rules:

  • Don’t regift handmade or personalized items or gifts that have special meaning for the original giver.
  • Regift only unopened or unused items.
  • Only gift what you believe the recipient will actually enjoy and use.

Celebrating Your Way

How we celebrate the holidays is also unique. Whether it’s one big, noisy family feast at home or a small dinner out at a restaurant, we all have our traditions. Here are some ways GH-ers enjoy the season:

“Partying with friends.”

“Giving unexpected gifts.”

“Thanksgiving splurge with five other families in our barn.”

“Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday shopping.”

“Christmas gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve.”

“Making New Year predictions, and then checking the following New Year’s Eve to see if any came true.”

“Mimosa brunch the day after any holiday.”

So, what is the one common denominator of gift-giving and holiday celebrating that we’ve noticed? Food! It just works.

Did you know the Thursday before Christmas (this year it’s Dec. 18) is National Regifting Day? Seems too early, but not when you find out that 40% of re-gifted items are from holiday office parties. 😊

Happy regifting!

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