Take Your Marketing Plan Back to School

September marks the start of another school year. From kindergarten to college, students are readying themselves to absorb new information and a next level of learning from the year before. Every year, there’s a subtle transformation built from previous experience and new knowledge. The same goes for your business. What if it went back to school? What if your marketing plan asked the question ‘Are we where we need to be?’

Back To Class

Just like many students everywhere on the first day of school, your business started with a vision; a dream of an imagined future. And instead of classrooms and teachers, your business had strategic plans, business models, mentors and investors.  You’ve worked hard to get where you are now – such an overachiever! But has your marketing plan gotten any smarter? Has it kept up with your growing business?

Take The Test

Test the essential elements of your current marketing plan to see if they still make the grade or need extracurricular attention:

1 – Market Research – Is it the backbone of your plan? (It should be!) Does it include your customers’ buying habits? Trends? Growth potential?

2 – Target Market – Do you know who your potential customers are, and how they’re different from the ones you already have? Do you know how to ‘talk’ to them?

3 – Positioning – Do you have a unique brand? Do you know how it’s perceived?

4 – Competitive Analysis – Do you know how your business compares with competitor sales tactics and messaging?

5 – Marketing Strategy – Do you have a roadmap to reach your objectives? Does it include a measurable digital media component?

6 – Marketing Budget – Is it in proportion to your desired revenue goals?

7 – Metrics – Do you make it a priority to track results? Test messaging? Survey customers?

Making The Grade

If you’ve given every section a big fat A+, move to the head of the class. If you have a few C’s or even an F somewhere, you should give your marketing plan a refresh. Of course, you can just let it have a lazy summer by the pool…er…leave it alone, but why? A regularly reviewed, studied and updated marketing plan will help give your company staying power in the marketplace and in the minds of consumers and potential customers. With customer and market tastes changing so quickly, it’s only natural for your marketing plan and brand to evolve as well.

GillespieHall are award-winning overachievers, with more than 20 years of experience helping companies and individuals with their marketing plans and brand strategies. We’re smart but not smarty-pants and would love to help you graduate to the head of your competition. Contact us.

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