Best Social Media Tactics Travel Brands Use

Some common advice given to millennials? Save for retirement now, marry later, and travel more. Well, millennials are at least listening to one of those things: travel! Marketing, public relations and social media done right can change human behavior: how family and friends stay in touch, how companies market… and definitely how people travel.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter long ago replaced the travel guidebooks and brochures that cluttered kitchen drawers. Instead, images of stunning locations from around the world go viral. Travel blogs are read by thousands. Travel itineraries are planned on smartphones. And travel brands have taken full advantage of these technology trends and responded with a more personal approach to communications.

Eye Candy

Visual Storytelling - Social Media Tactics Travel Brands UseThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, it’s no surprise that would-be travelers are drawn in by stunning images of white sands, snow-capped mountains or impossibly clear skies. But people don’t just want to see stunning images: they want to know how they can actually experience it IRL (in real life). Imagery pulls people in! Don’t underestimate the power of visual storytelling.

Press Zero to Speak to a Rep

Personalized Online Customer Service - Social Media Tactics Travel Brands Use

Twitter is the go-to platform for brands that want to communicate with their audience in a quick, personalized, and efficient way — but Instagram and Facebook are not being ignored! Chatting with online customer service reps allows current and potential customers to gauge the ‘personality’ of the brand and experience first-hand how companies handle conflict resolution – making brands more memorable and pushing them past any competitors who choose to stay ‘social media silent.’


How Social Media Changed the Vacationing Game - Show Off - Social Media Tactics Travel Brands UseTravel brands know that people LOVE to be seen and heard… If a moment wasn’t captured on camera, it never happened, right? Successful brands use this to their advantage by creating personalized hashtags that customers are encouraged to use to tag their vacation photos. Or, customers are given the chance to be featured on the brand’s page (spotlight, hello?). Top travel brands know that 76% of travelers share their vacation pictures with their social networks, while Instagram is being used as a major tool in deciding where to go.

Wait, I’m Special… Right?

How Social Media Changed the Vacationing Game - I'm Special, Right - Social Media Tactics Travel Brands UseSocial media allows people to get inside information and deals that they imagine the average person does not. With special promotions and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, brands are using their social platforms to entice potential customers with opportunities only available to their online followers. This ensures that customers feel as if it is worthwhile to follow the brand, making their content shareable and enticing them to come back again and again.

But let’s talk about something that business owners love the most: numbers. Every month, Facebook brings in 2 billion (that’s with a ‘b’) users; YouTube brings in approximately 1 billion video views, and Instagram brings in approximately 700 million users. People can be targeted by age, location, and interests – and most people are definitely interested in the appeal of travel! Who doesn’t need to get away from their responsibilities sometimes?

When brands shy away from social media, they miss out on targeting thousands of people they would never have reached otherwise. Social media, as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, is a tool that cannot be ignored. So, does your brand have its Carribean ‘beach-bod’ ready or is it still stuck with the North Pole ‘winter blues’ ?

Take advantage of the digital tools already available and contact GillespieHall to create a kick-ass comprehensive marketing strategy with a social media shake-up!

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