Snapchat Fights Back

Introduces ‘Paperclip’ Feature and More

This has been a hard year for Snapchat: Facebook began utilizing ‘stories’ (small pieces of content that are only available for 24 hours after creation) across their Facebook app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram to effectively stunt Snapchat’s growth.

Snapchat’s one-two punch response?

  • Introduce a feature called Paperclip which allows users to link to outside websites right from their stories, a feature Facebook introduced to their apps in November 2016. Using Paperclip is as simple as tapping the paperclip icon after taking your snap. This prompts you to attach your link, allowing your viewers to simply swipe up on your story to open the web page.
  • Introduce backdrops for snaps. This tool allows users to pick from a variety of given backdrops and then ‘trace out’ the subject.  In addition, users can use new video filters to adjust their audio, independent of their video, by tapping the speaker at the bottom of the share screen. (This feature was previously only available with Snapchat’s ‘lens’ effects.)

These new features are sure to be useful to business owners and brand managers as well as viral and vlog celebrities within the app.

While we have yet to see who’s won, it’s clear neither side is backing down.

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