Should You ‘Pass’ Or ‘Punt’ Your PR Needs?

It’s football season, and whether you love or hate the sport, one thing is for certain: every coach knows (or should know) when his team should pass or punt the ball in order to score a touchdown.

With a similar ‘coach’ instinct, how does a business leader know when it’s the right time – or the right ‘incident’ – to pass a company’s communication and social media strategy over to a PR team, rather than try to handle things on their own?

When it comes to PR and digital media strategies, leaders who want to score the proverbial ‘touchdown’ in their respective fields know what they can handle and when it’s time to expand their ‘team’ and let experts manage it for them.

PR Firms – Affordable, Multiple Skill Sets, Team Advantage

We know what you’re thinking:   “I can’t afford to hire a PR firm. What can they do that my company’s PR representative can’t handle on his/her own?” Have no fear. Turning to digital media strategists or content creators to lend you a hand could be the best decision you ever made.

  • PR firms are affordable – They can typically work with any size budget. From managing a one-time crisis to overseeing a new website or a year-long brand rollout, the right PR firm should deliver an impressive return on your investment (ROI). Some companies like to hire PR firms on a trial basis for six months to a year and then will sign lengthier contracts once they see the value that a firm can deliver.
  • Strength of a team vs. one player –When you hire one PR employee, you only have access to one individual’s skill level and experience. But when you hire an agency, you get the perspective and skillsets of a group of people. PR firms work as a team. Whether your company is on the ‘offense’ or ‘defense’, a good public relations and marketing team can put together a customized plan that hits all your key targets.
  • Writers, Graphic Designers, Social Media Strategists & More – From marketing metrics specialists to writers, graphic designers, creative directors, and project managers, a PR firm can handle triple the workload of one PR manager at an organization. Add to that a PR firm that has social scientists and behaviorists on its staff, and you’ve got yourself a Superbowl-sized victory on your hands.

Focus on what you do best

Hiring a PR firm enables organizational leaders to focus on what they do best – leading their company – while the PR firm can do what they do best – delivering exceptional communication and social media strategy.

It’s the 4th quarter. The game is tied. Your business needs a win. What do you do? Make sure there’s a PR firm as an option in your playbook.

GillespieHall is the PR team to beat. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

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