Should Your Business Be On Snapchat?

We get this question in almost every social media strategy meeting. Family businesses, accounting firms, nonprofit organizations, medical practices and tech companies – everyone is asking: Should we be using Snapchat to grow our business?

Snapchat F.A.Q.

Like most of the digital marketing world, the GillespieHall team has watched Snapchat’s growth carefully, and the many questions surrounding the app.

The platform’s growing user base has answered the question first asked in 2011 and 2012: Will Snapchat fizzle out, or is it here to stay?

Marketing managers have wrestled with the question: How can we measure something that disappears in 10 seconds?

Investors are asking: Is Snapchat financially sustainable?

Content creators who have gotten the green light to try the platform now have many answers to the question: What can we do with Snapchat? How will we use it?

When the value of each dollar must be proven, the measurement question is often the one that leaves Snapchat on the chopping block.

But public relations is about consumer relationships, and social media is inherently social. The decision should be made on how effectively you can build meaningful connections with the people that truly matter to your businesses.

And Snapchat is so inherently personal, organizations have found many ways to make friends with their followers.

8 Times The Answer Is ‘Yes, You Should Be On Snapchat’

  1. If your audience is young: More than 60% of Americans ages 13-38 use Snapchat actively (56% of young adults ages 18-29 and 41% of teens). But don’t dismiss the app if your audience is over 30 – older users make up Snapchat’s fastest-growing demographic.
  2. If your audience spends time in specific locations: Snapchat’s geofilters target a small radius and can be used to communicate with people based on their social context – around malls, movie theaters, schools, concert venues, parks…
  3. If your business is local: Geofilters can also be used to catch the attention of people close to your office or storefront.
  4. If you hold events: Make it easy for attendees to tell their close friends they’re at your event or location, and you could recruit a whole posse of followers.
  5. If your business looks good in action: Show off your products or services with short video snaps to hook users. Sports equipment, entertainment, technology or an inspiring workplace, for example, can say a lot in 10 seconds.
  6. If you work behind a curtain: Satisfy your consumers’ curiosity by giving an exclusive tour, behind-the-scenes insight or secret teaser of what’s next. Exclusivity and enigma make your brand desirable.
  7. If you have an active community on other social media platforms or a well-read email newsletter: Invite your current community to get to know you from another angle. If people already care what you have to say, you can use Snapchat to keep the relationship fresh and even get introduced to new friends.
  8. If you want to be where your people are: Even if you don’t have heaps of data linking snaps to dollars, you care about your consumers – right? If they are using Snapchat, shouldn’t you consider meeting them there?

Organizations Using Snapchat Effectively

Seeing is believing, and we have seen quite a few organizations using Snapchat to successfully engage their audiences.

Georgetown University’s own students create Snapchat content to showcase campus life for potential peers. The New York Stock Exchange has taken to the app as a transparency tool – to “demystify” the trading floor for an audience that may not otherwise take note. And the New York Times recently ran a multimedia campaign touting their two-year history of Snapchat storytelling and subsequent addition to Snapchat Discover.

Our Snapchat Question For You

Does your company use Snapchat to reach your audience? If not, what’s holding you back?

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