ROCKING that In-Studio Interview

At last your pitch has landed and the TV networks want to interview you about your company’s hottest innovation. Great news, right?

Only if you pull it off effortlessly.

TV is an exacting medium, set yourself some goals.

Commit to achieving all these objectives:

  • Position yourself as an expert – share your knowledge and expertise.
  • Be persuasive – what problem are you solving? Win support for a specific direction your company is taking.
  • Ignite interest – create awareness and curiosity, have a call to action.
  • Be authentic – build trust and loyalty (It is OK to be a little vulnerable).
  • Amplify your key message – what do you want audiences to remember?

So, how do you do all that? Be prepared! Research your interviewer and their ‘style.’ Understand the audience you’re talking to and develop succinct, key message ‘sound bites’ that resonate with them. Anticipate difficult questions. Then practice, practice, practice – in front of a mirror, wearing different outfits to see how your persona comes across best.

Now that you ‘look’ the part and have a compelling story to tell, don’t get too smug. Your body language could play against you if you’re feeling nervous or unsure. This is where “Fake it ‘til you make it” is your mantra. Your ‘neutral face’ will seem negative – so animate slightly. Try to look relaxed and calm and modulate your voice. Look at-ease. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer or audience (or the camera if it’s a remote interview.) Remember to breathe!

Finally, the two things you must never forget:

  • Do not feel pressured into saying something you do not want to say.
  • The camera (and microphone) are always, always, ALWAYS on. Stay on message until you are on your way home…


GH provides counsel on media training and message calibration to corporate and community leaders, business students, start-up CEOs, international figures and social influencers.

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