Predicting the Super Bowl’s Biggest Ad-Plays

2018’s Big Game is almost here, bringing with it a joy few will completely understand. Through all the pigskin, hamburgers, chips and cheesesteaks, the Super Bowl brings something bigger than we’d otherwise find on an average Sunday: millions of dollars in brand new advertisements.

But before we kick off, let’s make some predictions:

The Best

Coke – No matter where you go in the world, two things will be known: the words “OK” and “Coca-Cola”. With brand integrity this strong, Coke has no obligation to advertise itself – a freedom they exercised by sitting out last year’s Super Bowl and simply airing an old advertisement. However, the soft drink giant is returning in 2018 with an all new ad spot.

Doritos – Doritos commercials always seem to be fan favorites, especially considering they’re typically created by the fans. Not this year. Doritos plans to launch an all new Super Bowl commercial, doing away with their fan-curated ads. In case you hadn’t realized, PepsiCo owns Doritos… hmm?

Fingers Crossed

Groupon – Groupon is a great place for finding a great deal, but their track record in the Super Bowl ad-space is shaky. Originally making their Super Bowl debut in 2011 with ‘Tibet,’ a commercial that couldn’t quite find it’s footing between serious and playful, Groupon is back this year with an ad highlighting everything they do to help small business.

Kia – Hopefully the automaker returns this year with something superior to last years ‘Hero’s Journey’ ad starring Melissa McCarthy. This will be the brand’s ninth straight year advertising during the Big Game, leaving us to question whether we’ve seen it all or we possibly might see something fresh and exciting.


Avocados from Mexico – 2017 saw an unprecedented rise of popularity among avocados both on toast and in regards to pricing. So, it’s safe to say Avocados from Mexico will have something inherently hilarious this year, especially given their rather comedic history.

Pringles – The potato chip giant and their mascot Julius Pringles will make their Super Bowl debut this year, promising an ad that promotes “celebrating fun and encouraging playful behavior.”

Most Emotional

Weather-Tech – American company WeatherTech returns for their fifth consecutive year, most likely highlighting their made-in-America practices at a time where the country has plenty worth saying.

Stella-Artois – This year, Anheuser-Busch plans to use its marketing forces to promote Stella-Artois’ ‘Buy a Lady a Drink Campaign,’ an effort in partnership with to bring years of free, clean, drinkable water to underprivileged areas.

Which Super Bowl ads are you most excited to see this year? Agree or disagree with our takes? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!

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