Advertising is PAID-FOR. Publicity is PRAYED-FOR. ©

In this era of instant everything, there’s something that still takes the investment of time: Good publicity. Sure, you can use your PayPal account and get an ad in the newspaper or magazine of your choice the next day, but it’s a one-time hit. Publicity, on the other hand, stems from good relationships, and that payback is ongoing. Ultimately, publicity means making the media work for you.

Publicity is the communication of a set of facts that are interesting, newsworthy and appealing to the media. A skilled publicist targets a story very specifically to recipients likely to react to the pitch… When PR pros take the time to cultivate relationships with the media, their idea for a story could very well turn into a front page story.

Advertising on the other hand, is controllable, yes. You buy the media space, design the ad and decide on display. Most of these decisions are budget driven. But there’s no human connection. The advertising and news departments are separate for a reason: They don’t play well together. Advertising and publicity are not interchangeable. Both disciplines fall under the science of “marketing”, but one is viewed more credibly than the other…

Publicity is the front cover of Newsweek magazine. Advertising is on the back.

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