Outsourcing your social media content? One-size-fits-all does not work.

We recently onboarded a large, successful medical specialty practice in Philadelphia.

As we do with every new client, we launched into our structured discovery process which includes a detailed digital audit.  Website, check. Social media, check. Social media content – uncheck.  It did not take us long to identify a significant barrier to engagement and growth on our new client’s social media platforms. The content was what we call in the industry a ‘generic dump.’  The posts were so broad they did not even reflect our client’s specialty. And the content company had been doing this for years.

Don’t just check the social media box; be strategic and original.

‘Generic dump’ tactics happen far too frequently. Busy organizations hire ‘social media freelancers’ or ‘firms’ to create and post generic content to fill their social media gap. Unfortunately, these content machines churn out broad, non-specific content. Worse yet, it’s the same content that is delivered to hundreds of other social media sites.

The result?  Nothing. No growth. No engagement. No expanded branding.  Just on-going content attempting to fill a social media void for thousands of businesses. One-size-fits-all simply does not work. You get what you pay for.

If your social media content is not targeting future customers, you are wasting time and money.

GillespieHall has been creating targeted social content that is relevant and engaging since 2007. We know that this takes time and resources that very few businesses have. What differentiates GH from the ‘content-dumpers’ is our ability to develop content  that is distinctive and personal. Our clients know we speak to a particular person, with a specific need, at a specific point in their customer journey. We deliver engagement and growth for all our social media clients that regularly exceeds industry standards by more than 25%.

At GillespieHall it takes a full team of message calibrators, PR storytellers, researchers, and a collaborative relationship with our clients to emulate their voice. To generate content that reflects a deep understanding of our client’s value and goals and their audience’s needs means we have to have a deep understanding of our client. So whether we are creating content for big biotech, international financial group, funeral home company, drug manufacturers, brain surgeons, world famous gardens or recovery and wellness clinics, each piece of content we create is a personal conversation with our client’s customer.

So how do we do this?  We create content that:

  1. Raises awareness by continually differentiating our clients from their competitors
  2. Positions our clients as problem solvers – ‘here’s what we can do for you’
  3. Showcases their successes and innovations
  4. Shares their relationships with their customers through testimonials
  5. Plugs into trends (like hashtags)

Social media is a word-of-mouth campaign. Done properly, it forms the core of all marketing and awareness initiatives. Having content ignored is worse than having no content at all.

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