Our Top 5 Digital Marketing and PR Blog Posts 2015

Digital marketing and PR is a core strength at GillespieHall. We make it a priority to stay ahead of new trends and technology, sharing the most amazing, head-turning social media and digital news through our blogs before anyone else. As 2015 draws to an end, we’re taking a look at our most popular posts of the year which gained the most attention and engagement.

#1 – Top 5 Things You Learn As a Digital Marketing Intern

Digital Marketing - top 5 things you learn as an intern

Every summer, GillespieHall has a tradition of hosting public relations and social media interns. We are vigilant about exposing our interns to the principles and approaches practiced at GH, as we believe they strengthen the PR and Digital Marketing industry. Claire, our most recent digital marketing intern, realized the variety of skills necessary to sustain a successful social media campaign. She shares her insights in this digital PR post.

#2 – Pluto: The Ultimate Brand Comeback

Top Business Brand Makeover - how-to

Pluto was a proud member of the solar system’s nine-planet brotherhood until 2006 when it got reclassified as a ‘dwarf planet’ and kicked off the planet-list. In 2015, Pluto is having an ultimate brand comeback with stunning new ‘headshots’ that sent the social media world into a frenzy.

Our blog post follows the story of Pluto’s brand makeover and compares it to top American brands wishing for a similarly spectacular return to the limelight. As an added bonus, we share with our readers the most important questions your organization should ask before starting its own rebranding campaign.

#3 – ‘Unskippable’ Millennial Marketing

Millennial Digital Marketing

Millennials hold over a trillion dollars in direct buying power. They can destroy your brand with one text gone viral, while also having the ability to bring your business 1000 more customers with one tweet. No wonder companies are looking for new ways to engage the millennial consumer and plug into their buying power. This post provides solid advice about how to get millennials on your side, and what ultimate partner will help get you there.

#4 – Under 25: Do You Really Stand Out From Your Competition?

Social media for professionals

In today’s world, when your current or potential employer can (and will) google your name and see everything that has ever been posted or shared about you online, it is of the utmost importance to know what you can do to protect your professional reputation and boost your chances of getting hired.

This post shares three ways young professionals can use different social media platforms to stand out in a positive way: essentially, how to take control of your personal online brand in one easy step.

#5 – Should You ‘Pass’ Or ‘Punt’ Your PR Needs?

Outsource your PR and social media

With a similar ‘football coach’ instinct, how does a business leader know when it’s the right time to pass a company’s digital and social media needs over to a PR team, rather than try to handle things in-house? We share insights on what your business might be missing, and why you should consider hiring a PR firm.
Thank you to our amazing PR and digital marketing team for sharing valuable information in these and other 2015 blog posts. We’re excited, and full of new blog ideas for 2016!

Are there any blog posts you loved that didn’t make the list? Are there topics in social media, public relations, and digital marketing that you’d love us write about more in 2016? Let us know in the comments.

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