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As the end of the year closes in on us, many people are thinking about their new year’s resolutions. Things they want to change or get rid of altogether. But it’s also a good time to reflect. Reflect on accomplishments, lessons learned and skills gained.

Below are the top five GillespieHall blog posts of 2014 that really hit home with readers. Do you know the top five roadblocks that can potentially prevent your social media strategy from succeeding? Or about the importance of your company having a compelling and strong “story”?

Whether you’re reading these for the first time or revisiting, these blog posts are a great way to end the old year and start a new one!

06-16 Roadblocks To Social Media Marketing Success

Roadblocks to Social Media Marketing Success

Just being aware of possible obstacles is half of the challenge of taking a step in the right (marketing) direction. This post explored the five most common roadblocks that could prevent you from maximizing your companies’ complete social marketing potential and ROI.

Are Yo05-05 the boy who cried wolfu The Boy Who Cried Wolf On Social Media?

Don’t be the “boy who cried wolf” or your audience, or lack thereof, will quickly lose interest. Your social media presence is something that should not be taken lightly. Pay attention to not only how often you post but what you post. Is it relevant? Eye-catching? Or is it just taking up space?

Innovative PR/Social Media Firm GillespieHall Continues to Shine as a National Social Media Powerhouse

We have shown again and again how much of our hearts go into what we do. Join us in celebrating our accomplishments and awards as we’re recognized for our many talents and industry know-how.

The Power of Storytelling in Digital Marketing

Boost Your Brand with Online Storytelling

To your audience, your brand is telling a story through social media. Are you telling the right one in the most effective way? GillespieHall knows what it takes to tell a compelling and effective story through marketing and social media.

04-21 When To Rethink Your Content Strategy

When to Rethink Your Content Strategy

If your social media presence is not what it needs to be or not what you want it to be, check out this list we put together that can help you figure out what exactly you may need to work on.

Closing out the year effectively is just as important as entering a new one with all of your ducks in a row. Don’t go through another 365 days without the best people in your corner! Check out the above blog posts for a look into the looking glass of PR, marketing and social media at its best.

What was your favorite blog post of 2014?

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