Is Your Online Personal Brand Effective?

Does your ‘online’ personality complement your ‘live’ persona? How are you presenting yourself to colleagues, business leaders and potential clients on your social media pages? If your online presence is nonexistent, outdated or mediocre at best, you’re missing out on attracting valuable additions to your network of contacts.

In the online world we all live in, having an exceptional and intriguing personal digital brand is just as vital as having an outstanding ‘hard copy’ brand. You wouldn’t go to an interview with an outdated resume. Likewise, you shouldn’t have an ‘empty’ LinkedIn page or one that’s not current and well-maintained.

For example, let’s assume your resume is impeccable; You always nail your presentations; You dress for success; You are the ultimate networker at events. Does that match your ‘online’ personality? Your Facebook page, website content, Twitter comments, and LinkedIn profile should be as polished as you are. If not, you’re sending a mixed personal branding message that can confuse and deter potential clients.

Current and creative online branding helps attract new customers and keep your existing ones. Are you the most interesting, innovative or creative person at networking events or business meetings? Your digital brand should reflect that. We no longer live in an era where what’s on paper gets people’s attention. It’s what’s on their screens that matters today. So be sure your mission, your vision and your goals have made the transition to the digital globe.

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