One Summer with GillespieHall

As my time at GillespieHall (GH) comes to an end, I have reflected on the value of my internship and the fantastic opportunity I experienced over the summer.

My role at GH was primarily designing social media content for a wide variety of clients. Although I have used personal social media for years, I had no idea what went into using social media as a business tool.

The Importance of Branding

One of the most imperative aspects of managing a business’ social media is the consideration of branding. During my time at GH, I learned how important it is to be cognizant of a brand’s colors when designing social media content, and how aligning the brand’s visual identity increases audience familiarity and trust.

More than just using branded colors, every social media post should reflect the company ethos. Each post is a message to the audience founded on the brand’s mission. Even a seemingly simple ‘Happy Holidays’ post should be curated to reflect brand goals, objectives and targeted audiences. Creating content that conveys a deeper message was sometimes a creative challenge for me, but after brainstorming with the team, we were always able to strategize the perfect visual. As they say, ten heads are better than one.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

While creating social media content, I learned how instrumental a picture can be in representing a brand. Just as the right picture can effectively move an audience, the wrong visual can be equally destructive.

It is evident GH thrives on collaboration and teamwork. While I’ll continue to use the many principles I’ve learned during my internship in all aspects of my life, experiencing the work culture at GH is what made my time there truly memorable.

A very special thank you to the entire team at GillespieHall for opening this door of opportunity to me and making this summer one to remember! – Annabel Smart

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