The Non-Stop GH Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring Games!

Athletes who compete in the Rio games have trained, sometimes their entire lives, for one shot at glory. And that chance only comes around once every four years. Whether they win gold or simply place in their field, they are glad to be a part of something momentous that happens for a selected few. (Yes, the gold medalists are probably a little bit gladder…)

The Marketing Dream Team (but we don’t have the uniforms yet)

Would you train for years for an 18-second lap in the pool, a 2-minute floor exercise or a 10-second sprint?  Yes? Not us. Nope. Because at GillespieHall, we are insanely committed to the sport of Communication. We are a marketing dream team! (Or so we’ve been told… And we have the medals, err, awards, to prove it.)

Our version of competition happens every day – to see how we can excel for our clients in Crisis Management, Branding, Public Relations, Website Services and Social Media. All of this requires technique, skill, experience and coffee. (We soon will be applying to make sprinting for the coffeemaker an official event in 2020.)

A Podium at the Office (not really…)

Marketing Games are not to be taken lightly. Behind every ‘competition’ for the best message, the most memorable brand or an awesome digital strategy are hours of brainstorming, editing and metrics analysis. Is there a medal podium awaiting someone at the end of the day? No – but wouldn’t that be fun?

Our training starts at a young age. (Well, ok, not as young as the Olympic athletes but then again, some of us were in kindergarten when we began ‘exercising’ our creative minds!) We prepped with college degrees and real-world experience, overcoming challenges and establishing relationships with other team members. And then, onto the big time, where we train daily through exhaustive brainstorming sessions (100 ideas in less than a minute – it’s like a sprint for the mind!) or strategy meetings to determine why certain posts get more engagement than others. (It’s like choosing which child is your favorite – oh wait, we’re not supposed to say that.)

No Pushups Required!

But, most importantly, we have always worked well with our heroes – Our Clients. We’d do anything for them (except maybe pushups or laps) because their passions become ours, too. We share their quest to be the best.

That’s why the reward for any good marketing team comes in the form of success for a client:  Seeing a company’s brand soar or celebrating the 100,000th customer of a family-owned business. Those are the moments that marketing teams treasure. For GillespieHall, gold isn’t just a color in our logo. It’s what we aim for every day. Hmmm….standing atop that podium would be nice too…

Let GillespieHall be your dream team. We promise we’ll give you a head start for the coffee machine.

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