It’s a Race! New Social Media Platforms for Business

Since the dawn of social media, marketing has evolved into a whole new world of communication. A billboard on I-95 no longer connects with target audiences. Social media puts brands directly into the hands of consumers, constantly appearing on timelines and digital ads. In a short amount of time, the social media space has gotten overcrowded. A million brand voices are screaming, yelling and pushing for attention! It’s getting harder and harder for brands to be heard over all the noise! But, as with anything that gets overcrowded, new space is needed.

If someone asked you to name the top social media platforms today, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter automatically come to mind. But, here are a few breakthrough contenders:


Oovoo & Skype, live video streaming services initially used to stay in touch with friends and family, evolved into a way for businesses to have virtual meetings with partners and clients — and now it has evolved again! Periscope is a mobile platform where people from all over the world can watch events in real time! From behind-the-scenes of a fashion show to small gatherings in boardrooms, viewers tuning in can talk directly to the man or behind the camera, connecting on a personal level with the person or brand on the other side.


Snapchat is not brand new so it has a decent number of users (and it’s rapidly growing) but it’s new enough that companies and brands have not yet mastered how to best use it to connect with their audiences. Users send videos and stories directly to their followers. The catch: the content disappears in 10 seconds or less. But the platform has evolved to allow for more permanent content and features that work with businesses.

We Heart It

A hybrid of Instagram and Pinterest, We Heart It, has already been jumped on by brands like MTV and Chobani. It has a layout similar to Pinterest (expect Canvases and Collections instead of Boards) and the same artistic vibe as Instagram.

We know what you’re thinking: new social media platforms roll in and out like the tide. Quite honestly, the social media marketing world is so fickle, it’s nearly impossible to predict what will change the digital marketing world and what will quickly become lost in the digital landscape. But, the benefit of staying on your P’s & Q’s when it comes to up-and-coming platforms, is being one of the first to utilize a social media platform (before your competition) when it does explode!

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