‘Mom always said’… Advice for the Ages… and Businesses, too

Our mom’s advice carries us through life… words we reference to get through both good times and bad. We use this wisdom to navigate roads less traveled and career paths alike. It’s often sensible, timeless and wise… irreplaceable.

In honor of all mothers as we approach Mothers’ Day, we’ve collected some of the best guidance from our moms that we use to develop public relations strategies and advise our clients. Because, like our moms, it’s simply the best!

  1. Don’t say anything (or post anything on social media platforms) that you wouldn’t want to see on a billboard. Enough said, really. You can’t take words back. Once you put it out there, you’ve REALLY put it out there. So choose your words wisely. But if you do say something you regret, you can fix your reputation with the right crisis communications strategy.
  2. Life isn’t fair… but if you’re wise, you will learn how to level the playing field. And that is exactly what a good PR strategy can do: it puts you in line with or, better yet, in front of your competition. In today’s cutthroat business and political environments, we all need a plan.
  3. Tell the truth. Just as mom told you… honesty IS the best policy. So if you make a mistake, own it. Because the truth has a way of catching up with you.
  4. If at first you don’t succeed… try, try again. When you don’t see results from your current communications plan, you need to devise a new strategy. In today’s ever-changing world, change is not only good, but necessary.
  5. Trust your instincts. Solid PR strategy can adapt to changing circumstances. Communication is not an exact science. As PR professionals, we sometimes rely on intuition to guide us in making necessary tweaks to meet changing needs.
  6. Strive for greatness. Clients don’t hire us to develop mediocre PR strategies. They want something exceptional. We work to exceed expectations.
  7. Kill them with kindness. Never talk down to your audience. And remember: flattery never fails and kindness goes a long way.
  8. Life never turns out the way you planned. As a PR professional, you learn to adapt. In fact, for some accounts, you make adjustments every day.
  9. Be patient. A PR campaign’s success evolves and develops with time. The most significant results don’t happen overnight.
  10. Believe in yourself, and others will believe in you, too. You need to trust in yourself and have confidence in your plan to succeed.

Thanks to all moms who’ve shared these insights, which not only help in our careers but guide us through our lives. Enjoy an amazing Mother’s Day!

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