Mobile Disruption and Your Business

In the world of digital marketing, things move fast. Like, really-really fast. And while trying to keep your eyes on the ball in the worlds of web, search, social and mobile, waiting for the next big shift to take place…you might not even notice it when it actually happens.

More importantly, how do these ‘disruptions’ affect your business?

Mobile as “Second Screen” is already old news

Let me ask you this: where is your mobile phone, right now? Is it ever more than a few feet away from you? No, it’s not. That’s because today’s mobile is the first screen in our lives, not the second. It’s where we communicate, read our emails, get our news, watch our videos, search for answers, and scout for where we’re going to go or what we’re going to eat. It’s where we do pretty much everything. Right?

And so, as a marketer or decision maker in any business today, we have to start putting mobile-first design as the foundation of everything we do in digital, from our websites to our social strategy – it’s all happening on mobile first.

Augmented reality is breaking now (but for real this time)

We’ve been hearing for years about how virtual reality (computer-generated simulations) and augmented reality (digital information embedded into live, real-world content) are going to change the way we live. It might actually happen, now that mobile tech has gotten smarter….way smarter.

The developers of the world seem to have figured out that advancements in tech stick much faster when they are experienced through the mobile device that we already have in our pockets, and not a pair of google glasses. But even with the technology out there, people didn’t quite get augmented reality or how to use it.

Then Pokémon Go happened.

The number of downloads for the app broke Apple’s App Store record, and millions of people worldwide started experiencing the immersive worlds available right through their own smart phone. In a few short months, 100 million people understood the power of augmented reality and how to use it. And they are looking for more.

Disrupt Your Business!

The real-life preview era has begun – and it’s time to join in (yes, you!).

  • If you’re in the business of travel, your customers are going to want immersive vacation experiences they can access right from their mobile phones.
  • Healthcare industry: get ready for patients who want to hover their phones over an injured joint to see the before and after of their operation.
  • Landscapers, clothing designers, furniture companies… I think you can see where this is going.

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