‘Unskippable’ Millennial Marketing

Example 1: Analysts say the reason Gap is closing 175 of its stores is because the company lost sight of the needs of a critical consumer base: that lucrative yet challenging-to-entice under-30 shopper.

Example 2: The Utah Valley University campus has designed a ‘texting lane’ on one of its most frequently used staircases to accommodate the plethora of students walking around slowly, head down and face deep in their mobiles.

What do these have in common? The need for new ways to engage the millennial consumer.

50% of the staff at GillespieHall Public Relations and Social Media is under 30 – one of our greatest strengths. The other half? Seasoned post-Boomer communicators, wise enough to know that to keep relevant we must learn from the youngest people in the room. They tell us that today’s marketing means using social media to manage relationships and build community. It means understanding that consumers look to online reviews when making decisions, and that they freely share information about their ‘brand experience’ with each other. Matter of fact, that online sharing of information is something 93% of consumers worldwide trust far more than any kind of advertising.

Students Have Become Teachers

In this ‘change or die’ world of marketing to Millennials, the students have become the teachers. Are you listening?

  • I’ve got the power” – That would be over a trillion dollars in direct buying power! Destroy your brand with one text if they get bad customer service? They’ve been there. Bring your business 1000 more customers with one tweet? They’ve done that. And they want to change the world.
  • Grab me by the lapels with creativity” – No need for fancy ad campaigns just don’t talk down to them. Make it clear why they should give a fig about your product – and prove it! They won’t buy it or believe it unless it has relevance to their life.
  • Know me before you sell to me “ – They aren’t just kids with cell phones: 1 in 4 Millennials have children of their own; 50% will buy from companies, even pay a little more, that support a cause important to them.

Provide ‘Unskippable’ Digital Content

We know it’s no longer about the relevance of Facebook or Instagram, the next social media platform, or whether a like is more powerful than a share, or a retweet. We don’t do a lot of billboards because that is ‘look up’ advertising, and social media marketing isn’t. It’s about capturing attention with ‘unskippable’ digital content – and if you get it for more than 10 seconds, you’re far more likely to get a new customer, subscriber, donation.

At GillespieHall, we walk the talk because half of us are the audience you need to capture! Building community and creating brand relationships is our sweet spot, and we know just where to hit the target. We are incredibly successful helping our clients promote their brands to this customer base because we know what works.

Let’s Roll The Numbers

The facts tell the story:

  • We doubled recruitment goals for a brand-new charter school within 4 months of the school’s creation. The target audience was parents in their 20s.
  • We have consistently exceeded attendance goals by 56% for job fairs targeted at young adults age 18-25 in Delaware.
  • Our prevention program targeted at those same young adults received renewed funding four years in a row – one year beyond the initial grant period.
  • Online fundraising for a local healthcare system (also targeted at younger consumers) increased 42% over the previous fiscal year.

And the icing on the cake is yet another fact; our clients average a $12 return for every dollar invested in social media marketing.

For the rest of us over thirty-five, scratching our head, asking “Where did these shrewd, savvy Millennial shoppers come from?”


GillespieHall can build, promote and target your brand to attract the audience of your choice. Ask us about it today.

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    Posted at 22:36h, 23 June

    ” Summing up Millennials? “Know me before you sell me.” Love it!

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