How Many Posts Does It Take To Get to the Center of A Social Media Strategy?

(With apologies to the 1970s commercial: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?)

Have you ever tried a Tootsie Roll Pop? How long did it take you before you crunched down to the chewy center? And by now, you may be thinking, “what does candy have to do with a social media strategy?”

Stay with us on this one. (Unless you now have a craving for a Tootsie Roll Pop, in which case, we’re hoping you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and come back and read the rest of this blog.)

A commercial from the 1970s about a Tootsie Roll Pop is strangely connected to how we should approach a social media strategy: It must be unique to each business owner. Just as everyone chooses how they eat a Tootsie Roll Pop – whether they savor it for a while, or go right for the immediate crunch to the center – so should business owners remain unique in how, when and what they post on social media.

How can you get to the “center of the pop” (aka, the heart of your campaign)? Tootsie Pops tried to distinguish themselves from, well, other general lollipops. Your business must do the same: Stand out from your competition.

  • What is your reason for using social media for your business?
  • Do you have an immediate need to sell a product by this weekend? (Immediate crunch)
  • Or, do your posts have more a long-range goal about brand awareness and earning the loyalty of your customers? (Savoring the moment)
  • Or are you somewhere in between − promoting your services and tackling your company’s mission to increase your customer base?

Whatever your reason for using social media, make sure you’re updating it regularly. It’s an ever-changing medium; what worked last month may not have the same impact this month. (You may need to try a new flavor … um … strategy.)

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