Learning a Few Business Skills from the Girl Scouts of the USA

Entrepreneurs know how much grit and grind it takes to not only start a business, but to keep it up and running. GillespieHall was founded in the spirit of entrepreneurship, and all of us value that spirit in others. It’s the backbone of America.

The entrepreneurial spirit can take root at an early age. How early? Ask the number-one entrepreneurial training for young girls in the United States – the Girl Scouts of the USA!

February 22-24 is National Cookie Weekend (we love the Thin Mints!). Girl Scouts are taught to embody entrepreneurship in every aspect of their famous annual cookie sale. In addition to learning outdoor skills, life skills, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Girl Scouts kick-start their budding small business skills during the cookie sale.

Target Market

Every year, Girl Scout tables pop up outside your local grocery or storefront. But notice, they don’t just pop any anywhere. When a Girl Scout troop decides where to set up shop, it has to consider the location’s foot traffic, audience, how to sell to that demographic, visibility and much more. It’s much the same way a small business owner has to analyze the best physical location for a store or merchandising/signage.


Once the troop selects the ideal target market and demographic, they then consider the visuals of the merchandise. In other words, they decide how to set up the tables! Questions they may ask: What will entice a prospect walking by? How will the placement of the merchandise, the colors and the table decoration affect sales? These are similar questions entrepreneurs have to ask themselves when settling into a physical space or creating signage, flyers, brochures, websites and every other type of marketing collaterals that represent their brand.


Dealing with the public is a skill that many still struggle with well into adulthood and their careers. Selling door-to-door is a task that requires self-awareness, pitching skills, social skills, proper articulation and the ability to make connections with people who will purchase your product/service or can benefit your brand. In-person networking is a powerful way to make genuine connections that far outlast short-term business goals. The right network connection benefits both parties. LinkedIn is the #1 professional social site today, yet many do not use it to its full advantage. Interested in making the best use of LinkedIn but don’t know where to start? Ask about our personalized EBS service.

Additionally, the Girl Scouts entrepreneur program hones 5 essential skills that are taught at most business schools: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics – building the next generation of future entrepreneurs.

Are you wishing you’d been a Girl Scout and developed some skills you need to launch your own business? We hear you! But whether you’re looking to take your company to the next level or elevate your reputation in your industry, you can rely our skilled team to get you there and beyond. Let’s talk.

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