What We Learned At Digital Summit Philadelphia

Our Digital Leadership Team attended the Digital Summit Philadelphia this week and had a blast networking and exchanging ideas with other industry leaders and innovators!

Takeaways from the Digital Summit Philadelphia

  1. Consider your audience’s environment when creating a marketing strategy or content. Where, when, and in what mood are they, really, when they see your content?
  2. Use technology to eliminate friction in a consumer interaction with the brand. Make it easy for them to get what they need and resolve issues, and they will stick around.
  3. Consumers no longer want to pay for a set product or service. They want access. Access to relationships with brands. Access to options in their moments of need.

Constantly Changing World

From media relations and campaign strategy to thought leadership and head-turning creative work, we put our ever-growing expertise to work for you in this world that is constantly changing. When we learn new ways to do things better, we can build real loyalty that supports your bottom line for a long, long time.

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