Keep Their Attention! The Latest on Social Media and Content Marketing Trends

Keep Their Attention! The Latest Take on Social Media and Content Marketing Trends - 2019

As you well know, the new year has rolled in and, along with it, an excess of predictions for 2019 trends in content strategy and social media marketing. So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! There’s no better time to engage in this conversation. With that said, here’s a compilation of commonly predicted trends in social media and content marketing for 2019.

Social Medial Marketing Trends 2019:

Most always in life, some things change while others stay the same. And it’s no different when it comes to social media. Certain social media best practices will never go out of style. But at the same time, social media will remain an ever-moving target because it’s so deeply entrenched in the world of technology. Here, a thorough forecast of social media marketing trends for the coming year:

  • The buzz continues to swarm around LinkedIn as the one to watch in 2019. More marketers will focus their social strategies around this platform, especially for B2B content. And LinkedIn is doing its best to keep up with the hype, adding new features almost faster than you can say “Facebook.”
  • Though written content will never disappear, it has had to step aside for its flashier cohort – video. People love visuals, and they love moving visuals even more. Enough said.
  • Messaging apps. Public posting has taken a backseat to private messaging. And the savviest marketers are joining this movement by sending content through messaging apps in addition to making public posts. Messaging apps provide a platform for more personalized, targeted content.
  • Micro-influencers have taken the stage from mega-influencers. They serve as brand ambassadors to niche audiences and can, therefore, establish more personalized connections. They can effectively reach members of an interest or cause-focused Facebook group, for example.
  • Social proof. More and more, marketers are using social media platforms to showcase real customers having positive experiences with their products or services. Quite honestly, this practice works because it establishes authenticity.
  • Specific social platforms for specific audiences. Different audiences congregate to different social platforms. So, the same message doesn’t perform the same way on the various platforms. Strategically placed messages reach the appropriate audience.

Content Marketing Trends 2019:

Content marketing practices align with social media marketing trends. Here are the latest trends in content:

Personalized communication. More and more, companies use software on their websites that tracks online consumer behavior. This practice then helps them send, for example, more targeted and personalized content through email communications and messaging apps.

Conversational communication. Conversational content works well on both social media posts and messaging apps. So, what’s the key to effective conversational content? Questions. Always ask questions. Because the best conversation is a two-way street.

Integrated communication. The best content is strategically placed, focused and aligns with its fellow content to create a calculated and comprehensive communications plan.

Less communication. Strategic marketers don’t publish content that doesn’t align with a cohesive communications plan. So, don’t post or deliver content to meet quotas. Sometimes less really is more. Clutter creates an image of irrelevancy.

Authentic communication. Overly polished stories don’t shine in the eyes of many consumers. People want content that seems organic and real.

Visual communication. Infographics. Images. Videos. People love visuals, and content that includes them gives the best return on investment.

So, that’s the overview. Next steps? Implement as many of these trends into your communications strategy as possible. Because you need to stay relevant. And if you can’t do it on your own (who can?!) I know of an absolutely fantastic PR firm

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