How To Keep Your Online Visitors Engaged

Most every organization these days has an online presence: a Facebook page, a Twitter account or more. If you don’t, you should be asking yourself why you’re ignoring something that one out of three young professionals considers as essential to daily life as air, food and water.

But simply having a presence on social networks isn’t enough. Once you let your customers or clients know that your Facebook page is up and running, how do you get them to visit and return?

Here’s a list of 10 Easy Ways To Spark Engagement on your Facebook Page from Jeff Bullas:

  1. Keep Your Posts Short

  2. Post Photos, Videos and Quotes

  3. Post Consistently

  4. Ask for your Fans Opinions

  5. Ask Questions using the Facebook Questions App

  6. Try Posting “Fill in the Blank” Posts

  7. Give Fans Access to Exclusive Information

  8. Reward your Fans with Deals and Perks

  9. Be Timely

  10. Localize your Posts if they are Relevant to a Specific Audience

Some of the items – post consistently, be timely – are fairly obvious. Others, while maybe not as obvious to those of us who don’t regularly spend a good chunk of their days on Facebook, are just as valuable.

For instance, things like “Asking for your fans’ opinions” and “Using fill-in-the-blank posts” are great ways to get your audience engaged with you. Too many times, organizations posting on Facebook are focused on getting their message out and not focused enough on finding out what their audience wants to know.

What tips do you use to get your audience engaged online? Share with us in the comments section.

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  • Clara
    Posted at 12:28h, 23 November

    So funny that internet & social media is on the same plane as air, water, and food now! That link is fantastic.

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