How Social Media Changed My PR World – And How It Should Be Changing Yours

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Once upon a time not so long ago, we all existed in a world without Facebook or Twitter, or dare I say, without the internet? (I am not 80 years old, honest.) I have been working in the public relations industry for 20 years, and at one point in time, I left the field to stay home with my kids. I also left before the rise of social media. When I returned, my PR world as I knew it had changed forever. And the way I manage public relations for my clients will never be quite the same.

And that’s a good thing.

Composing tweets of 140 characters or less vs. crafting a release of 500 words is a writing challenge I gladly accept. Bring it on. The creativity of delivering a succinct, witty post in addition to being able to draft a comprehensive news release is a communications win-win for writing junkies like myself.

For those of you clinging to the more strategic and stalwart PR days of research, personal pitching, and media profiling, it’s time to get out from behind your desk and move on over to the free-floating ambiance of the real-time digital PR experience. In today’s world of integrated media, PR professionals like those of us at GillespieHall must be able to create the compelling story and disseminate the message across all communication platforms – and that includes text, tweet, blog, print and online publications.

But how does one effectively mix sound and seasoned public relations strategies with the new age of social media? With a very balanced approach. If you’re blogging about anything and everything, but with no real understanding of what your end-goal is, then it’s the same as issuing a 100 page press release. No one will read it.

‘The times, they are a-changin’. And chances are, we haven’t seen the tip of the digital/mobile iceberg yet.

The social media world is here to stay. And it means business. And by that, I mean profits. That doesn’t mean if you choose to continue doing business as you’ve always done, that you’ll fail. But it might leave your clients wondering if you are really on top of your game. Period. And – #EffectivePRNeedsSocialMedia

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