How PR Metrics Impact Your Brand… And Your Bottom Line

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When we craft the perfect public relations campaign, the main goal is to increase our clients’ relevance. We do this by generating publicity and pitching stories to online journals, ma05-19 How PR Metrics Impact Your Brand And Your Bottom Linegazines, newspapers, on television…EVERYWHERE! But our job isn’t done once the publicity piece hits its mark. The real work happens after the campaign, when it is time to measure the success of our efforts, and that is done using PR metrics.

PR metrics are used for several reasons to benefit both the client and the firm. Measuring metrics helps with:


In public relations, metrics are like a receipt. They are a way for us as a public relations firm to keep track of the completed tasks and for the client to have a record of the work they received. Metrics are a way to make sure everyone is responsible for his or her role in the success or failure of a particular project.


Keeping tabs on what type of media (social, online, magazines, television shows, trade publications) gives coverage to our clients tells us what trends are relevant and emerging. Staying on top of current trends will allow us to alter our future campaigns in an effort to optimize our clients’ potential.

Lessons Learned

Measuring metrics at the completion of a PR campaign will give insight on all of the “hits and misses” of the campaign. Metrics provide us with a clear outline of what parts of the campaign were more effective than others.

Metrics are a very integral part of public relations. They provide information that is beneficial to our clients’ bottom line. Metrics enable us to pinpoint our clients’ audience, which allows us to use their money to market them efficiently, and ultimately help them increase their relevance and revenue.

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