How An Event Can Make You Richer

America’s birthday is just around the corner, and there will be plenty of fireworks, music, parades and hot dogs abound. And lots of red, white and blue.

When is your company’s ‘birthday’ and how will you celebrate it? Or, should you?

When WAWA turned 50 this year, they gave away free coffee and tea to all of their customers the entire day. Free caffeine made for happy customers. When Facebook marked its first decade, they encouraged users to do a one-minute “Look Back” video highlighting pictures and posts from their timeline. The Look Back videos reminded users of the good times they had on the platform and reinforced their loyalty to Facebook.

If your birthday year is a milestone year (1, 10, 25, 50), then some type of recognition may be just the icing on the cake your company could benefit from.

Here are a few ways your company can benefit from celebrating a milestone:

  1. Increase brand equity. When you create and promote a successful event like Wawa’s 50th birthday celebration, clients hear your brand’s name everywhere: TV, radio, social media and internet news sources. A well-executed campaign increases recognition of your brand in a positive light – which increases the value of your name and your products over time.
  2. Attract new clients. Celebrating a milestone is a great opportunity to expose your brand and services to a new market. Get people excited and talking about your business. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in attracting those who have never used your services before.
  3. Retain existing clients. Make it about your clients and they will be more likely to make a return visit. Events open the floor for you to share your company’s values and show appreciation to your current clients. Happy clients = more business. And don’t forget that by bringing their attention to your brand you are taking attention away from your competition.
  4. Deepen the relationship with clients. A milestone birthday celebration is the perfect way to remind long-time clients about their history with your company. You can assure them that you are committed to a future of serving them as well as you have in the past 5, 10, or 50 years. Commit to them and they will commit to you.
  5. Strengthen client loyalty. Deepening your relationship with your base has a major long-term impact on loyalty. Clients who feel a strong relationship with you will stop visiting your competitors and bring all their business to you. A well-organized event creates an opportunity to make a lifelong client – one who comes to you first, every time.
  6. Increase sales in the long run. Big campaigns bring media and client attention to your brand and your products. And you gain benefits even after your celebration is over. Special events invite potential clients to see what your company can do for them; remind one-time clients to come back; and create a new connection with existing clients. More clients using your services more frequently means more sales over time.

So, ‘Happy Birthday’ to your company – when the time comes! Take advantage of the day to generate more money for your company. And as the U.S. celebrates another year with red, white and blue, may your business continue to see lots of green.

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