Goodbye, Dave! Now Here’s Our Top 10 List

When David Letterman retired from Late Night, he marked over 30 years of entertaining and provoking millions of viewers. In honor of his departure, we have put together our own Top 10 List of Communication Milestones:

10. The computer is born. All schools cancel typewriting classes.

9. Personal computers are minimized from the size of a refrigerator to a Hot Pocket™.

8. Newspapers are read online. Birdcages everywhere suffer.

7. Facebook is created: “What I Ate for Dinner” becomes the #1 share.

6. After a promising start, the Texting Mime phenomenon quickly dies.

5. The term ‘selfies’ gains popularity after the prior moniker, ‘onesies,’ just starts sounding weird.

4. Long distance calls cost the same as local calls…and you still haven’t called your mother?!

3. Social media overtakes billboards as the premium ad space. Highway travelers everywhere rejoice.

2. People go ‘old school’ and start communicating face-to-face.

1. A sense of humor still remains a wonderful communication gift for everyone. Thank you David for decades of fun!

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