How To Get Media Coverage For Your Business

If you want your business mentioned in the press, somebody needs to sell the story about your business to a reporter. Your story will be published only if a reporter or their editor deems the story to be newsworthy.
It is not enough to “throw” your product at a listener and expect him or her to be interested in you. It is about your pitch being so good that a journalist cannot ignore it.

So, what makes a good pitch? What does it take for your company’s news story to be picked up and covered by the press?

  • Strategic approach. The best pitch is served to the right person, in the right medium channel, at the right time. Public relations experts know the major players who cover your industry in the media and how to get their attention. They understand the deft usage of persistence, creativity and communication when following up with the pitch.
  • Storytelling. Telling your company’s story is a great way to make it more relatable and compelling. After all, it is the brand story that is valued and shared, more than the company’s name. In this world of information overload, it’s hard to get the attention of the media. Your story must appeal to a reporter and show the potential to capture interest and attention of the audience.
  • Relationships. It’s essential to build and maintain relationships with individual reporters and media channels. A good public relations professional has great connections and a solid reputation for landing stories with influential media and well-regarded journalists.

One objective of Public Relations is to manage the perception and relationship between your company and the public. The indispensable component is educating your business’s target audience about your company, and meeting your objectives, whether it’s promoting products or services, bringing in more revenue, or building community and goodwill.

So, when might you use Public Relations as a strategy to spread the news about the business, and generate some press attention?

  1. Small business – let’s say you need some fliers, a few good Yelp reviews, and maybe a reporter from your local newspaper to write a story about your business. Or, even better, TV coverage of an event at your location.
  2. Startup – you most definitely need some publicity, offline and online, to launch your product and attract potential customers.
  3. New competition – you need to have your company mentioned every time your competitor is mentioned. And maybe some extra attention from the media, to eclipse your competition.

There are experts out there who have the skill of developing strategic pitches. The difference is about actually getting on the home plate, and then hitting a home run with each pitch!

GH has a staff of behaviorists, social media experts and public relations professionals who are exceptionally creative and understand how to evaluate an audience. We are experienced in developing effective story angles, copy and images that lead to measurable action and bottom-line results. Give us a call when you’re ready to get up to bat to promote or protect your business story!

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