Facebook Rolls Out ‘Reactions’

Social media is exploding today with people noticing something different in their Facebook timelines. “Do I have it?” “How do you do it?” “Can I do it from my phone?” Today, Facebook officially rolls out its ‘Reactions’ feature in the US and globally.

Facebook reactions

Last September, GillespieHall clarified in a message to clients that Mark Zuckerberg would not release an explicit ‘Dislike’ button as a response option to Facebook posts. Today, he finally gives Facebook users options to show support of a post other than the ‘Like’ button. The six new emoji ‘Reactions’ were announced last October and tested in a limited number of countries before the official rollout.

What do Reactions actually do? The Reactions feature allows 1.6 billion users worldwide to show a wider range of emotions toward a post other than a meek Like. The new emotions, or reactions, are: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. Each Facebook post will display a total number of Reactions instead of just showing Likes. You can see each of your friends’ individual reactions when you place your mouse over each Reactions emoji.

How do you use Reactions? Reactions let Facebook users respond to posts with different sentiments. On mobile, simply hold down the Like button to open Reactions and choose one. On your computer, hover over the Like button to have Reactions emoji pop up.

Facebook reactions

How do Reactions affect businesses and Facebook business pages? Reactions will give business owners and marketers more insight into what their target audiences are feeling and thinking regarding their content (and also the competition). This Reactions feature will also enhance the role of social media in building social support systems, especially helpful to nonprofit organizations. Facebook users will be able to show sympathy or support for difficult situations where they previously would not have wanted to Like news involving tragedy or misfortune.

What do you think of Facebook Reactions? Have you tried them yet? Let us know in the comments.

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