Executive Branding: How To Become An Industry Influencer in 2019

Executive Branding: Becoming An Industry Influencer In 2019

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which should come first – the brand or the voice behind the brand?

As a business owner or ambassador of a brand, you are the brand. Putting a human face to a brand builds loyalty and naturally garners trust. And trust is an essential component for building lasting relationships that can help lead to bottom line results for your company. So, one great way to humanize your brand is to build and promote the personal brand of the business owner (or a high-level ambassador). While keeping in mind that every employee is an ambassador and has the power to influence the public perception of the brand, it’s the voice of the company leadership that has the biggest impact.

Where do you start, you might ask. Like this:


When choosing a social media platform, you have to understand your audience first. That will lead you to the correct platform for your personal brand. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram cater to difference audiences because they provide  unique tools and features. Where are your audiences already? With whom do you want to connect? What is the best method to relay the information that you want to share? Video, image, text, etc.?


Just posting on your page(s) won’t be enough – no matter how interesting you think your content is. You’re not an island. Don’t isolate yourself from your audience and other industry voices. A way to further the human aspect of your brand is to involve other people and organizations. Strategic and consistent engagement builds stronger connections and makes you (and your brand) more relatable. Additionally, responding to other people’s engagement on your content strengthens a personal connection with individuals.


Follow individuals or groups that extend or amplify your own message and objectives. Your audience will not only be interested in what you post, they will also want to know who you follow. As they begin to trust your voice more and more, they will want to know who inspires you, where you get your industry research and who is following you.


You’re an expert in your field, you know the ins and outs and you have personal insight into the industry. By sharing your expertise, you’re putting yourself at the forefront of the industry as someone with influence. When deciding what to share with your followers, remember:

  • Find your own voice
  • Share your opinions and insights
  • Share industry facts, news and trends
  • Be consistent in your posting
  • Don’t forget to do a regular social media clean-up. Review your current accounts, review your past content, and perform a social media purge of what should no longer be left visible online.

The truth is, the modern leader has a strong social media presence. Above all, if your digital presence doesn’t stand out from the crowd, then it’s time to take control of your digital assets now. With a formidable executive brand, you become the game-changer. GillespieHall is ready take you to the next level. Are you ready?

Let’s talk about our Executive Branding Suite.

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