Executive Branding: Differentiating Yourself In 2021? Time To Do A Digital Clean Up.

We are all so closely aligned with the work we do. And after a year of working from home, our personal brand is inextricably entwined with our profession. Like the silk Christian Dior blouse you wore for that Zoom call being complimented by your stylish fluffy green and pink house slippers.

So how do you stand out as genuine and a visionary, a leader, an innovator, a problem solver, a creative talent… a recruiters’ dream? By taking control of your digital profile and managing the social media assets as if your career depended on it.
And It does.

Know Thy Online Self

Search yourself on Google. Like what you see? Yes, all your work accolades and academic awards pop up. So do those rude restaurant reviews you wrote because the wine was corked, or the fillet was not rare enough. And the photo of you smoking a bong on a Caribbean beach that your wife published on her Facebook page 10 years ago? That’s out there for everyone to enjoy too.

Clean Up!

Now that you know the damage – clean up your profile; delete posts and photographs that contradict the person you are today. Social media posts linger around long enough to derail careers 10 years later (as happened to the new Vogue Teen editor – at 27 losing her job over social media content posted when she was a teen). Keep in mind, though, deleting old posts doesn’t remove them from the collective internet memory.

Use Only the Social Media Platforms that Best Suit You

Who are you talking to? What do you have to say? Your target audience will lead you to the correct platforms for your personal brand. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram cater to different audiences because they provide unique tools and features. Don’t leave any unused social media profiles unattended – close them all.

Engage and Connect with Content that is Authentic and Interesting

Rules of engagement? Content. Content. Content.
Just posting on your page(s) isn’t enough – no matter how interesting you think your content is. You’re not an island so avoid isolating yourself from your audience and other industry voices. A way to further the human aspect of your brand is to involve other people and organizations. Build those connections. Respond to other people’s engagement on your content – learn from each other.

Manage Your Audiences

Who interests you? Follow individuals or groups that amplify your own message and objectives. Your audience will not only be interested in what you post, they will also want to know who you follow. As they begin to trust your voice more and more, they will want to know who inspires you, where you get your industry research and who is following you.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

  • This isn’t just about your job. It’s about your passion, your integrity, your culture and even your love of dogs. You’re an expert in your field, you know the ins-and-outs and you have personal insight into the industry. Share your expertise. Respond to questions. Bring ideas into the conversation. You will organically be positioned as someone with valuable knowledge and influence. When deciding what to share with your followers, remember:
  • Find your own voice
  • Share your opinions and insights
  • Share content you think is inspiring, funny and helpful
  • Share industry facts, news and trends
  • Be consistent in your posting
  • Be vigilant about purging old posts

Annoyingly, online positioning has a lot to do with having a strong social media presence. That takes strategy, time and resources so few of us have.
That’s where we come in.
Talk to the GillespieHall Executive Branding Suite (EBS) team. We manage the online profiles for fabulous people like you.

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