Dos and Don’ts for PR Interns

PR Intern Dos and Donts

Congrats! You landed an internship at a public relations firm. Job well done. Now, enough of the kudos, let’s get down to business.

Working at a marketing firm – or any business, actually – is not the same as your work-study position in college or a job you had in your high school years. This internship is your introduction to the “real world,” so following some “dos and don’ts” should prove valuable:


Offer your opinion when asked. Now is not the time to be shy. It’s better to speak up and share a “crazy” idea than to not say anything at all.

Ask for constructive criticism. If you submit a project or a blog and never receive any feedback, you may want to approach your supervisor in a casual way and ask him/her, “Do you have any suggestions on the work I submitted? I value your opinion.”

Arrive on time. On time means at least 5 minutes early. If the weekly brainstorming meeting starts at 9, you’ll want to be at work by 8:45, grab your coffee and log onto your work space so you’re completely settled in and ready to engage by 9 a.m.

Thank the company for the opportunity. When your internship is over, send personalized, handwritten notes to your supervisor(s) and anyone else who was a part of your regular training or made an impact on you. This creates the opportunity to make a lasting impression while also expanding your professional network.


Spend all your free time on your smartphone. Start a conversation in the lunch room, at the water cooler, or with the person in the cubicle next to you. The art of conversation not only helps expand your personal and professional horizons but is truly something that everyone needs to learn.

Be afraid to explore how new technology could impact your company. Chances are, you are up to speed with the latest gadgets and social media apps. Put that know-how to use and brainstorm how the latest technology could play a role within your organization. You may be on to creating the next best thing at your job because you were willing to think (and share) outside the box.

Wherever you intern this year, make it count. Being an intern comes with responsibilities, but it’s also a lot of fun when you’re doing what you’re passionate about. GillespieHall believes in the wonder and strength of the next generation of PR practitioners. Dream big, work hard, and enjoy life!

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